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Slots have been among the favored Real Money casino games ever since the first form of the game appeared. It only remotely resembled the modern slots when it was released in the late 19th century. However, gambling aficionados have always been fascinated with this game of chance. The suspense factor it implies intrigues them, making them want to try out their luck.

Over time, slots have gained popularity worldwide, as well as different names. Depending on the region, you can play fruit machines, pokies, or puggies. Additionally, you may have heard of the one-armed bandit — a whimsical name for an outdated slot machine that perfectly describes its appearance.

Nowadays, aside from the land-based form of the game present at every gambling venue, there are online slots available both for free and for real cash. The Information Age has changed the way we view gambling by clearing the path for online casino slots and other games. The activity has never been so accessible, and engaging in it is as convenient as it can possibly be. You can browse through a seemingly infinite library of online slots and play the most popular games without even leaving your home.

Nevertheless, accessibility and convenience do not make up for a quality online slot. There are many other characteristics a game has to possess in order to be a worthy replacement of its predecessor. Fortunately, we have selected some of the most popular online slots. In the following lines, we will present those titles to you, along with various advantages the virtual form of the game has over its traditional counterpart. 

Accessibility and Convenience

Accessibility and Convenience

Gambling centers such as Las Vegas have a unique atmosphere. Let’s face it; nothing compares to spinning the reels surrounded by noise and lights of a casino. However, the majority of slot players (and other gamblers) cannot afford to go to a land-based venue often. For them, a trip to Las Vegas is a special occasion that occurs merely several times a year.

We know that a real slots enthusiast requires more than that. Fortunately, the online gambling market has a broad selection of slot games to offer. Even though Las Vegas may be out of reach, the favored game of chance is not. Provided that your local laws allow it, you are able to access them on the internet whenever you want. Moreover, you can do so wherever you are, thanks to a fantastic feature known as mobility. Bring your phone with you, and you have a portable casino.

In addition to the convenient way of playing Real Money slots, online casinos often offer the possibility of trying their games out for free. That way, you can test a game that interests you without having to risk your money right away. You will be pleased with this option, as it enables you to have fun and choose the right slot for you in a safe manner.


All renowned venues in the industry hold a multitude of slot machines. You can choose whichever you want, unless it is already occupied, of course. However, as broad as the selection may be, it is not infinite. What if you realize that none of the games offered at the casino you have entered suit you? Are you going to go on another long ride until you reach the next venue? And what if that one does not suit you either?

If you engage in online gambling, you will have no such problems. The market has been in expansion ever since the original online slot appeared. You can only imagine the number of games that have been launched so far. Numerous reputable developers release several new titles each year. All you need to do is sit in front of your computer or load one of many gambling websites on your phone and enjoy the ride. Only this time, you will not have to step foot out of your home.  

RTP and Features

And so we come to the truly important part — the offers of online slots. What if you could actually afford to drive around and look for a venue every time you were in the mood for some gambling? What if land-based slots posed no challenge to you? Why would you replace them with their virtual counterparts? Because they have more to offer, that is why. We are not even referring to the abundance of online selection. However, that too is an important factor.

Online slots always have a higher RTP rate than land-based machines precisely because they are more numerous and easily accessible. Traditional venues are scarce, so they do not really need to fight their competition. They set the conditions; you can agree to them or not, but they are as they are. Alternately, the competition on the online gambling market is fierce. Gambling websites have to appeal to players; otherwise, they would go out of business. That is why their slots always feature a high RTP rate. It does not guarantee you will win, but it makes such an outcome more probable.

Online slots also offer a variety of features, free spins being one of the most prominent ones. Additionally, you can always claim a no-deposit or a deposit bonus, as well as take advantage of other promotional offers. Most of them are good for slots — the most widely-played games at every casino.

The Best Online Slots

Finally, we have reached the part of the text where we can offer some valid examples to support our theory about online slots. The following list contains five fantastic games developed by some of the most reputable providers in the industry. Remember that they release new titles on a yearly basis, so stay tuned to get exclusive insight into their latest products.

Dragon Orb by RealTime Gaming

If there’s one thing humans and dragons have in common, it’s that they love gold! And that is where the beautifully crafted Dragon Orb slot game comes in. RealTime Gaming (or RTG for short) really outdid itself with this one! The renowned and highly prolific software designer averages two new games a month, and September of 2017 was when this slot made its online debut. The dragons are sleek, not gimmicky, and the music and atmosphere of the game are calming and relaxing. There are two progressive jackpots, one major and the other minor.

Dragon Orb boasts a progressive jackpot, and there are five reels with a total of ten payline combinations. The minimum you may bet is 0.1, and the maximum is 2.5 euros, dollars, or whichever currency you prefer. Depending on which casino you’re enjoying it in, the payout percentage can go all the way up to 97.5%. The maximum payouts go up to 250x the wager you make per payline. 

Symbols and Features

A magical, mystical forest is the backdrop, and the symbols complement the mood. You’ll find a scroll, some temple gates, and a dragon statue, among others. The game is pretty scattered already, so it doesn’t have a traditional scatter symbol. What it does have is an expanding Dragon Orb Wild. You’ll watch in awe as the stunning, while claw expands down the line and grabs the victory for you! This gets activated when the Dragon Orb lands on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reel. Did we mention there is a Respin feature? It’s all the gold on our minds!

This slot is highly volatile, so arm yourself with patience because the payouts are dragon-sized. We couldn’t recommend it enough!

Orc vs. Elf by RealTime Gaming

If you are into fantasy literature and movies, this is the game for you. Its 3D graphics, along with animations and sound effects will pull you in the fantastic world of mythical creatures you have only seen on the silver screen. That should not come as a surprise since RealTime Gaming is famous for high-quality slot games with an outstanding variety of themes. The background presents a battlefield in which Orcs and Elves are to demonstrate their power.

Orc vs. Elf is a five-reel video slot that offers 25 ways to win and a fixed jackpot of 1,000 units. You can place a wager as small as 0.25 units or as big as 125 units. Once you have decided on the amount of your bet, you can spin the reels or select the autoplay option. The RTP rate of this game is 95%.

Symbols and Features

The game features two wild symbols, as you might expect, since it revolves around a battle between Orcs and Elves. They are the Orc expanding wild and the Elf expanding wild. They substitute for the remainder of the symbols. However, the Orc wild cannot assume the role of the Elf shield and vice versa.

The images of the shields are the scatter icons. They can form scatter wins or trigger free spins in addition to a bonus feature. The latter depends on the character you have chosen at the beginning of the game.

Both bonus rounds include seven features on the trail to either Orcholme or Elveros. However, you do not have to embark on the journey if you do not want to. Instead, you can simply continue playing the base game. 

Finally, there is the Battle Bonus feature, which you can unlock by landing the relevant symbol on the three central reels. Once it happens, the two characters fight. Depending on the one that wins the battle, either the Goblin’s Gold or the Woodland feature will get triggered. Moreover, if your character wins, you get a Victory Point, and if it loses, you get a 2x to 10x multiplier.

Arabian Tales by Rival Gaming

This game is the perfect choice if you would like to take a trip back to your childhood. If fairy tales, magic, and faraway kingdoms fascinate you, Arabian Tales will thrill you. It was inspired by Aladdin and his magic lamp from the well-known children’s story. Go back to the simpler times, both in your life and in history, and enjoy this entertaining game powered by Rival Gaming.

This video slot features five transparent reels through which you can see a magnificent castle in the desert and fifty ways of assembling a winning combination. It certainly sounds promising. Its fixed jackpot can land 1,000 units at once, and the betting range is small — from 0.01 to 0.25 units. When you select the amount of money you wish to wager, you can either spin the reels manually or select the autoplay option.

Symbols and Features

The image of the famous magic lamp has the role of the wild symbol. Not only does it substitute for all the other icons in the game, but it also expands whenever there is an opportunity to form a winning combination. And if such a win includes the wild, your payout will be doubled.

If you think that the Genie grants only Aladdin’s wishes, you are wrong. It appears as the bonus symbol in this game, and you can get 12, 25, or 50 free spins if you land at least three. Whenever you win during the bonus round, your payout will be tripled. 

The scatter icon appears in the form of Jasmine’s tiger. If two such images come up, they form a scatter win. Five of them, however, grant you fifty coins.

Finally, there is the image of the Sultan, Jasmine’s father. He represents the Jackpot symbol. If you land three Sultan icons on an active payline, you will get rewarded. It can grant you fifty, 300, or 2,500 coins if it appears three, four, or five times, respectively. 

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there is more to online slots than just spinning the reels and hoping for the fruit symbols to align. The market has expanded and changed almost beyond recognition since the first land-based machine was created. Nowadays, you have a variety of options, but a wide range of elements you need to take into account as well. Real Money gambling requires you to be responsible. Moreover, when you play a game of chance, you need to consider all of its characteristics, since you cannot rely on your skills. Aside from the theme, features, and RTP rate, there are wagering requirements of the casino, the choice between a progressive jackpot and a fixed one, as well as the differences between high and low volatility games. We have presented some of the best slots in the industry; now, it is up to you to explore the market further.

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