Play Online Keno for Real Money

Keno is a game of chance, meaning that it does not require any particular skills, which is something you probably already know. It is actually a lottery game, so every outcome is entirely random. However, the fact that you cannot develop a strategy does not mean you should not learn the rules of the game. The concept of Keno is simple, and you will easily grasp it and be able to play the game in no time. 

The online form of Keno does not differ from the traditional game, so the rules you will learn apply to both versions. However, the former implies various benefits, such as the convenience of online gambling and bonuses offered by numerous casino sites. Technology has left a significant impact on the industry, creating serious competition for land-based casinos. Nowadays, you can play real-money Keno online on numerous gambling websites.

Step by Step

Once you have found a trustworthy online casino that offers Keno, select the version of the game you wish to play. Each of them presents a table featuring numbers from 1 to 80, which correspond to those on the animated balls on the screen.

Your task is simple — you need to select any numbers you want, as long as you stay within the limits the game requires. Depending on the provider, you may be able to choose as many as 20 numbers. 

Pay attention to the betting range because you need to decide on the amount of money you wish to wager on your numbers. The logic is simple — the higher your bet is, the larger your potential payout will be.

When you are done forming your combination, submit your virtual card by selecting the play button. From that point on, the game is out of your hands as the random number generator releases your results. The selected numbers that match the drawn ones are the winning numbers. Finally, your payout depends on the selection of numbers you have guessed and the sum of money you have wagered. At the end of a draw, both your numbers and the results will be visible.

Even though one draw is over, you can continue playing. The game of Keno is some sort of an endless loop, which is the characteristic that makes it so appealing to players. Once your card is verified, you can assemble a new combination of numbers and try out your luck once again. Keno is dynamic, but its online version allows you to set your own pace and decide if and when you want to play another game.

Variety of Options

Introducing variety into the game of Keno can complement its dynamic nature. A way ticket is one way (no pun intended) of doing it. Completing it requires you to select your combination of numbers and then categorize them into groups. From there, you assign a wager to each group, as well as the numbers in general. Once the draw begins, the sensation of excitement will rise, as you now have more ways of winning.

In addition to a way ticket, you can form bet combinations by assembling overlapping groups of numbers, adding to the factor of dynamics even more. However, remember to write down your combinations in order to avoid confusion.

If you want to spice the game up further, you can play a king ticket. Essentially, you choose a number and add it to every combination. The number you have selected is the king, and it gets included in the total in addition to being added to the combinations.

The virtualization of Keno (and gambling in general) has introduced various benefits to the industry. Yes, we are referring to diverse promotional offers, which we have already mentioned. A game of Keno can offer certain bonuses itself. If it does not, you can simply find a casino featuring bonuses you can use for playing this game.

A standard game of Keno allows you to select twenty numbers, as you already know. But what if we told you that some variations featured the possibility of choosing as many as forty numbers? Would you take the chance or stick to the regular version of the game? Betting on forty numbers requires you to enhance your gambling budget, that much is true. However, it also enhances your potential winnings. To top it all off, you can access such Keno variants from the comfort of your home, or play on the go by loading the relevant website on your phone.

Play Progressively

Aside from all the options we have listed, there is one that truly enlarges your potential winnings. We are not talking about a slight enhancement of your payout. The feature we are about to present can land you an enormous amount of money. Some Keno games include a progressive jackpot feature, just like slots. Every time someone makes a deposit, it grows, so it can reach truly amazing heights. Just think about all the people playing the same game, and you will get an idea of the amount of money a progressive jackpot can land. Just like the game of Keno itself, it is unpredictable, as it gets triggered randomly. So you can just select your numbers, click on the button, and be pleasantly surprised.

Play for Free

Playing Keno online does not have to involve betting. We have mentioned several ways in which one game can differ from another, so it is only natural to be indecisive. Fortunately, many online casinos offer the possibility of playing their games for free. You just need to load a website, select a game, and play for fun. Take your time and take advantage of this feature to browse through a broad selection of Keno variants. Depending on the software provider, they can differ in terms of layout, rules, betting range, and more. Playing Keno for real money is always available, but we advise you to explore different options before you make a decision.

Online Casinos Offering Keno: 2019 Edition

Let’s face it, Keno lacks the popularity slots, card games, and table games have. If you wish to play poker or Baccarat, you will find numerous websites offering them as soon as you type the name of the game in the search bar. The same thing goes for slots. Regardless of the number of reels, theme, RTP, volatility, and jackpot you want the game to have, you will have no trouble finding the one that suits you in under ten minutes. That is, if you already know that the casino offering it is reputable.

Keno, on the other hand, is an old-school lottery game that has not escaped the virtualization. It is commonly listed under specialty or other games, and casinos usually offer only one version of the game. However, the constant expansion of the online gambling market makes it possible for Keno to find its way to your computer and mobile screens. We are about to save you a lot of time and effort and suggest three websites that offer Keno. They have all been launched in 2019. In spite of that, each of them has managed to establish a solid reputation.

Red Dog Casino

Red Dog Casino

Red Dog is a new gambling website with a whimsical theme, layout, and animations. It hosts a broad selection of both games of chance and strategy games. As for their quality, all we have to say that the software provider catering to Red Dog is RealTime Gaming. As a member of the gambling community, you must have heard of the company. It is famous for developing high-quality games with a variety of features.

The game of Keno offered at Red Dog Casino allows you to select fifteen numbers. Additionally, you can choose to play five or ten consecutive games instead of manually starting a new one each time a draw is over.

Golden Lion Casino

Golden Lion Casino

This website was established a mere few years ago, and it can already offer so much more than some casinos that have been on the market for years. It holds a variety of games powered by some of the most amazing software providers —  Rival Gaming and BetSoft.

Aside from slots and table and card games, there are Rival’s top two versions of Keno — the classic one and Vegas Jackpot Keno. Both games feature a”‘Quickpick” and “Clear” button to make your gameplay as efficient as possible! 

BoVegas Casino

BoVegas Casino

The last entry on our list is a fantastic casino that serves as an online ode to Vegas. Similarly to the previous website, it offers an extensive game library supplied by some of the most famous providers in the industry. Namely, the site is powered by RealTime Gaming, and it offers the developer’s superb version of straight-up Keno! Additionally, it features slots, table and card games, as well as live dealer ones.

Closing Thoughts

Not only can a live Keno game at a land-based venue be replaced with its virtual counterpart, but the latter can also prove to be more lucrative and entertaining. The virtualization of the gambling industry has turned a simple lottery game that used to be a pastime of people over forty into a popular game of chance appealing to all generations. By introducing innovations and diverse versions of the game to the market, software providers have managed to give Keno a new shine and make it even more dynamic than it originally was.

Moreover, given the continuous expansion of the online gambling market, every year brings a wide range of fresh online casinos. If the virtual form of Keno interests you, you have a broad selection of variants at your disposal to browse through. Do not forget about the free play option because it can really help you choose the game you want to play for real money. As for the website, we have listed three options for you to create your starting point. Once you determine which casino game suits you best, the whole internet will be your gambling venue.

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